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Cool Wall Stickers' Tips | Wall Art Decoration Ideas

Posted by in Information on May 27, 2014 .

As there are a large variety of wall decors for you to buy nowadays, it is really necessary to get a whole knowledge of what this new home decoration is and how to choose it so that your house will be perfectly decorated. And now, if you are just reading this post and have some interest in refitting your room, this post is going to provide all the information you should know before buy a wall sticker.

First, I would love to introduce what wall stickers are. They are one of the most popular interior wall decors in recent years for its easy installation, little investment and different varieties. Unlike many other traditional wall papers, this emerging wall stickers are easy to install. “Just peel and stick”, that’s it! Yes, you did not hear it wrong. I really mean peel and stick. There is no need to employ some tools like adhesive tapes or glues. Just peel off the back cover of the sticker and then stick it onto wherever you want to put it up. But please do not forget to clean the surface first, for the particles on the surface will cause some bubbles under the stickers on the walls. They are easy, self-adhesive and even removable. For traditional wall papers, they will more or less do some harm to your walls after being removed. While, our wall stickers will leave no residues even removed aways for years. If your walls are much older, there is no worry. Just use a hair drier to blow the surface of the sticker pasted on the wall, and then slightly remove it off. That’s also very simple. And that is why wall stickers are becoming more and more welcomed in recent times.

What’s more, this innovative interior decoration is boosting a large variety of patterns and styles for all sorts of customers. You may shop by rooms and we are providing wall decals for your house rooms like living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom; and for some specific places like offices, hospitals, schools or some public places. Also, you are able to get what you want according to the types of the wall decals, like animals, trees & flowers, music & sports, modern & retro, nursery wall decals, etc. What should be highlighted is our best sellers, quote wall decals and photo frame wall stickers. People are always fond of something that will encourage them or make them feel warm when they are facing challenges or difficulties in life. That’s what exactly our quote wall decals will offer. 

If you just come across and stay for a while, I think it will be your loss if you close this webpage without picking up a favorite wall decal for your family rooms. If you still have some problems about our wall decals, just free feel to contact us. Our customer service is always as great as our products and you will enjoy this purchase. Kind wishes!

The number of the people who are applying vinyl wall decals to decorate their house has been tremendously increased. For most people, they spend the majority of the daily time living, having meals and staying with families at their own space.They do need something to make themselves relaxed and comfortable. So if the walls they are facing are attractive or maybe a little inspirational and motivational, gazing on it for a while when survive from the heavy work will definitely offer an instant relief from the huge pressure of life.

This new type of home decoration is made of vinyl which is harmless to human bodies and is designed into different styles and patterns. If you just come across our online shop, please stay for a few minutes, you will never be regretful for that. Today, I would love to introduce one of our best sellers, that is quote wall stickers. This kind of innovative interior decor contains quotes or sayings from some outstanding figures. These sentences are usually said with the inspiration and motivation that will gain you confidence and courage to face the challenges in life. Or there are also some name text wall decals available on our website. You may choose the font and color of your name paper as you like. Also, we are providing the customized stickers for you. This may be your grandma’s saying or just what you want on your wall to act as a reminder for you. 

Wall stickers with some inspirational quotes and sayings are widely liked by many customers since they can stimulate the self confidence in people and give the potential to meet the difficulties in life. We are offering a large selection for you to choose from. Such as “You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose!” by Dr. Seuss. Or “I’ m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes. I’m out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you surely as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” by Marilyn Monroe, one of the famous lady of the world.

For more quote wall decals, you may visite our quote and saying category to choose the one that is the perfect fit for you.

I think for many people in the eastern countries, the most anticipated festival is definitely the Christmas day. During that time, people can have a long holiday and get together with families and friends. While, what are they doing before that exciting period? Of course, they will decorate their house to add more holiday atmosphere first. One year is nearly gone again, and it is time for us to renovate our own space or business areas for the expected coming year. Decdecals maintains a plenty of holiday theme stickers as well as normal ones for the buyers to shop from. 

As for Christmas day, we provide you the stickers about Christmas trees, Santa Claus, sleigh, sled dogs, Christmas socks and other holiday stuff that you can imagine. If you are busy with your work and don’t have enough time to do shopping in the mall, but you specially want to make your house new and fresh with some decors, our online shop is undoubtedly the best solution of your problem. Just visit our online shop and choose some stickers you like, then they will be fast delivered to your door steps. Also, the installation is so simple. Just a few seconds will bring you a fantastic decoration.

Besides the Christmas theme stickers, the normal ones are also our top sales. How amazing these stickers are? How high-qualified they are? We are waiting for you to evaluate. If you miss this great online shop, it means you will miss the chance to turn your house into an art gallery. 

There are also other holidays you may send a wall decal as gifts to your belove ones. We are providing new year wall decals, Valentine's day wall decals, and customized wall decals to be made to order in your preference. It will be your big loss if you miss this innovative gifts to your friends, families or someone you love. And the wall decal put up on the wall will remind the receivers of you all the time. It is also a way for the important people to keep you in mind. Just click your mouse and pick up some wall decals on our online shop as a gift. We are looking forward to provide the best service for you.

At the end of our business day of last week, we received an email sent from a fiancee of a buyer. She was so excited to tell us in the email that her boyfriend proposed marriage to her yesterday at a love house which had been decorated with some love wall decals ahead of time. It was the most unforgettable moment of her in the whole life, so she wanted to send a thank you to us for the great design. It also happy for us to hear from her and get to know that these small wall decals are able to bring such great joy to people. 

Her boyfriend is one of our customers, and he bought some love-theme wall decals a few days ago. He secretly bought a new house for him and his girlfriend to live after they get married and gave many thoughts to its decoration. One day he came across our wall stickers online shop DECDECALS and was deeply attracted by these lovely and meaningful decals. So he came up with an idea that their new house may be decorated by these love quote wall decals and then he will propose marriage to his girlfriend.

After this ingenious idea occurred to him, he bought some love quote wall decals at once and started decorating the walls. Since this kind of wall decals are easy to use, there is no need of applying some tools to paste like glue or adhesive tapes. Just peel off the cover of the decals and paste them on wherever you want. Also they are removable and after being removed there will be nothing left on the walls. And they will look great though over years and years. With such amount of advantages, it just take him a while to decorate the walls. Love quote wall decals are just some love quotes, easy but full of deep affection. When his girlfriend entered their new house and saw some love decals on the wall, he kneed down and came up with a bunch of red roses and a ring to propose marriage. His girlfriend was totally touched by the “in-the-dream” atmosphere. And a “yes I do” was hardly spoken out from her mouth. 

We were all touched by the true love between the two lovers and feel glad that these love quote wall decals can help people show love to their beloved ones.

Make Nursery Room Second Paradise for Your Kids- How ?

Fairies are semi-goddesses. They are airy and fictitious. Children like these fairies who are beautiful. So, nursery rooms can be turned into a small Eden Garden. Stick some fairy wall decal to finish the interior decoration. The walls of the baby’s room become a small playground for fairies. They come to meet babies in dream. Grandmother sends small babies to sleep by singing lullaby. They like to tell the beautiful stories about angels and fairies.

Change the Facelift of Rooms- Use Decal Fairy Stickers

Use this traditional concept to make the nursery room for your baby as a dream land.  Fairy wall decals are applicable to the smooth and glossy textures of bed rooms. These fairy stickers are non-skid. So, after sticking the fairy decal stickers to the walls, the printed graphic pictures are not displaced. These wall stickers are strongly stuck to the wall surface.

However, few modern erasable fairy stickers can be wiped out from the wall. If you like to replace old images of vinyl fairies, you can do the replacement easily.

Fast Home Decoration-Use Decal Stickers

The room décor is done very fast with these wall decal stickers in canada. Non-greasy wall painting fairy stickers have good anti-moisture insulation. Elegance of these multicolored fairy pictures exudes brightly. Therefore, the overall facelift of the baby’s living room has got new color to attract infants. They throw their hands to catch the flying fairies. They roll on the bed in excitement.

Choose World Class Fairy Wall Stickers

There are many popular legendary fairies. These celestial creatures have the magical power to enchant others. They know hypnosis. These ultra-light creatures can stay in the sky. They are seen throwing cool silvery beam to their admirers. Silvermist and Iridfessa are very popular fairies among kids. Their majestic physical beauty is marvelous to watch. Paint their portraitures on the walls in gorgeous pink colors. The walls of living rooms will be attractive.

No Trouble to Decorate Rooms- Choose Wall Stickers for Décor
With the decal art stickers, you can do the home decoration very quickly. You don’t need to apply heavy coats of wall painting colors to bring back the luster of your room. The simply peel-off the transparent films for sticking the non-inflammable stickers on the smooth texture of wall. Within half an hour, your room will be a second heaven. In the bright light, all fairies will have lives to start moving. Online catalogues have samples of decal fairy stickers. Consumers should check these printed snapshots to have wonderful fairy stickers.

Fairy Wall Decals –Eco-friendly

Fairy wall decals have no deadly poison. Non-toxic components are used to manufacture rolls of decal wall stickers in australia. Do the DIY home décor personally. It will save you from spending huge amount of hard earned dollars. Your sweet kids will be eager to play with these fairies.

In the online stores, there are numerous wall stickers for designing interior and exterior portions of the kids’ doll houses.  These transparent stickers don’t produce any residue of wastage materials and toxic chemical elements.  The online stores offer durable and environment-friendly decal stickers at discounts. These stickers have no highly inflammable/combustible elements. So, there is 100 percent security for you to decorate walls with soft fairy decal stickers.



Stickers are one of the most common tools that have made a great impact in terms of decoration. There are times when you really wish to have some genre of funny yet stylish outlook for your home ambience so that your living rooms, dinning places and myriad other places look gorgeous. Besides this, now a day such stickers have been used in numerous occasions such as birthday celebration, marriage ceremony or New Years Eve and many more. So in such situations bird wall stickers are one of the best choices that you can have. The bird wall stickers are also known as bird wall decals are available in a wide range of designs, shapes and colors. These stickers are easy to fix and remove so that they can be altered according to the situation or mood.


Easy to apply

Generally people think about many complex and expensive solutions for decorating rooms. They don’t really consider the inexpensive items. The bird wall stickers are one of the most popular and inexpensive solutions for room decoration. These decals can be easily applied over the walls and can create a completely new room ambience full of imagination and creativity. The wall stickers in australia have gained a lot of popularity in the market as with minimum effort and investment one can make a room look like heaven that would be loved to be visited again and again.

Easy to remove

One significant advantage of using bird wall decals is that they can be removed easily and can be re stick again without any difficulty. This advantage allows the people to alter the look of the room every now and then by modifying the stickers. This is the reason why they are mostly preferred as wall decorative items compared to other sort of wall decorative items. The bird   decals are probably a new and easy way of giving an appealing look to a room.

Choosing the appropriate bird wall decals

One can always find the most appropriate design of the bird  stickers available in the market that can fascinate anyone. The stickers are readily available in a variety of vibrant colors that suits one’s taste. All one needs to do is to choose the appropriate one for his room. One can select warm colored bird wall stickers to give a pleasant look to the room or he can modify them according to his choice. The most attractive style of the bird wall decals is the flying flock of birds. These stickers give a live appearance to the wall and they are flexible enough for further modifications in their shapes and sizes.

Cheap and durable

The bird wall decals are available at a reasonable price and can last for a long time due to the presence of vinyl in them. Decorating the walls with bird  stickers is a much better option than painting the walls as painting cannot be removed as frequently as compared to the wall stickers. Also it is not an affordable option.

So we can say that the bird stickers are the best choice for decorating a home as they give an attractive look to a room and also readily available in a variety of shapes, designs and colors.


Boys’ wall decals are in great demand these days. When it comes to designing a boy’s room, one always prefers to get the best decorations possible. There are many options available that one can apply to decorate the room. For example one can freshly paint the room from inside in a great way or he can choose various wallpapers for setting them in walls. But the best option is to use boys’ wall stickers or decals. 


Why wall stickers are the best option?

Coloring a room can be really costly at times. Same is the case with the decoration through wallpapers. So in such situations opting for boy’s wall decals can be one of the most feasible options that one can opt for. These boys’ wall stickers are removable and they come up with different designs and styles. They look ideal when one applies them on the room partitions. They can boost the beauty of a room in a limited budget and at the same time can make young boys happy and contented.

Advantages of using boys’ wall stickers

One can find the best wall decals for decorating a boy’s room in different designs and characters. The biggest benefit of using  wall stickers is that they are removable. So it can be a great problem to those individuals who have used other options like paint and wallpapers for decoration purposes as they cannot be altered easily according to the changing demands of the young boys. Another advantage is that these wall stickers can be enhanced according to the main events like any kind of celebrations, big day or vacations. One can put Christmas wall stickers for Christmas celebration or putting scary stickers to celebrate Halloween and many more.

Things to consider while decorating a boys’ room

While decorating a boys’ room one must keep certain things in mind. One must make sure that he applies those kids wall stickers that will be well appreciated by the boy and make him happy so that he feels great while showing his room to his friends. The wall stickers should be of changeable genre so that it can be changed whenever they get older or become monotonous to the boy. Usually the boys at their early ages are not static minded and go through different phases very quickly. For example a boy might love some kind of animal stickers but after a month or so he suddenly starts liking some superhero stickers. Peeling off the animal sticker and then applying a superhero sticker is not only an easy task but a big bonus as one is not required to paint or redecorate the entire room.


The boys’ wall decals are the best option available if one does not wish to change the appearance of his room again and again according to the wish of his little boy. Adding wall stickers to a young boys’ room evokes in them a feeling of love for their rooms. They feel more excited about living, enjoying and playing in their rooms. These days one can get different choices of boys’ wall stickers in the online world. 


Stickers, the newest form of room decorating tool have been used worldwide now a day in order to enhance the room ambience and provide a great modern outlook. Besides bring up a refreshing look along with a trendy look the kids wall stickers also offer enormous joy among the kids if it’s applied in kid’s rooms due to its uncanny yet cute size, shape as well as pictures.  The variety of designs like deer, lion, and tigers can only offer a pure form of joy to the kids while such stickers are struck in their rooms, roof or walls.


Many varieties in stickers and its application 

There are myriad varieties in stickers to allure the customers. Now a day, with the increase of usage of such nursery wall decals it has seen that various sticker companies are trying to create stickers with various theme such as animal, birds, super man and many more so that stickers become much more attractive to the kids as well as young generation and also it convey some status while being pasted to the walls. 

Speaking of variety it is evident that owl wall stickers are one of the funkiest stickers available in the market today.  It is quite clear that most of the kids are fond with their play room so in such cases you can just increase their joy a bit more by decorating their rooms with big animal stickers or various other customized stickers but then in such cases you need to make sure that such genre of stickers are likable for the kids as well. In order to put on a bit spice factor one can add branches deco stickers, just to make sure that the room ambience is enhanced significantly.

Variety in product size and dimension 

There are times when the customers are looking to find removable wall stickers that are in sync with their room size and dimension as it is quite evident that not all people will have the same sized rooms or houses. So in order to make sure all genre of people can have the privilege of using such stickers various companies have made the stickers in different size and dimensions so that it can be applicable with all type of rooms and home ambience.

High quality customizations and use of thoughtful theme 

It is always important that whatever you buy is of good quality after all quality is a kind of prospect that you don’t wish to compromise on. And same goes here in case of stickers as well, so whenever you buy any sort of stickers like  nursery wall stickers make sure you buy it from any reputed website or company outlet so that you don’t have to face any genre of inconveniences regarding the quality aspect. Also buying stickers from any reputed as well as well-known company or website helps you to get theme stickers that will definitely enhance your home ambience significantly. So what are you looking for just go to any sticker’s website and check out your favorite stickers for your home decoration. 

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